Morehouse sophomore invents app to help students find jobs

While many students are twiddling their thumbs on their apps, one from Morehouse is creating his own. 

Courtlynd Mallory, a sophomore from the all-male HBCU, invented Werk, a platform that helps high school and college students find employment.

The business management major came up with the idea after struggling to find a summer job after his freshman year. 

“I tried to use one of the large job-finding sites and found it confusing,” he told HBCU Buzz

For Mallory, the ads on many career sites were distracting, so he built one that cut out the third party invitations, giving premium access to all members. 

With his unique method, he’s been able to grow his database, which now offers more than 20,000 jobs and internships. 

Investing in young people is a passion for Mallory. That’s why upon graduation,…

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