Why Does The Alarm Keep Going Off At Night At Folsom Lowe’s? « CBS13

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Neighbors in Folsom are frustrated by an alarm going off week after week, and they say it’s coming from the Lowe’s store on Bidwell Street.

“This is not a single event, it happens weekly!” said Ryan Mohondro, who lives nearby. “I’ve called multiple times with no response. I’ve gone into the store and asked for multiple managers and left my name!”

Mohondro said the alarm has been going off every weekend for the last year.

“12, 1, 2, 3 in the morning,” he said.

“It’s crazy, it’s loud!” said Jodi Hall. “I thought that somebody’s house was being broken into.”

Mohondro thought it was a car alarm, but after several weeks, he decided to investigate.

“I’m in my sweatpants, driving around, looking like a crazy man at two in the morning,” he told CBS13.

He finally discovered that the alarm was coming from the Lowe’s store a…

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