UK weather latest: Met Office says more rain is on the way as summer washout continues

Rain, wind and cooler temperatures will be interspersed with sunshine bringing unpredictable weather to the UK for the rest of the summer, the Met Office has revealed.

The outlook for the week from Friday 4 August will be a mixture of rain and sunshine, with the northwest in particular seeing heavy showers and possibly experiencing thunder.  

The north and the west of England will see the most frequent rain in this time period, with bouts of sunshine scattered across the country.

Drier weather will visit the south and east, and though temperatures will stay fairly constant, people can expect it to be cooler when the rain falls and with stronger winds.

The middle of August will continue with unreliable weather, but by the end of the month a rough divide will see the northwest, with the most frequent wet weather and the southeast, with “best of the drier and brighter…

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