Thanks to These Websites, Your Personal Info Is Just a Keystroke Away

WASHINGTON — Identity theft affected more than 13 million people in 2016 alone. Now, getting a hold of personal information online is easier than before.

Websites like, an online search engine that allows users to “find anyone for free right now,” are popping up all over the internet.

Dr. Amelia Estwick, program manager at the National Cybersecurity Institute, says computer software using sophisticated pattern algorithms skim the internet every day with one purpose, gathering your personal information and making it available for all to see.

“Sometimes you look at these websites and you’re surprised at how accurate some of that information is,” commented Dr. Estwick.

She says things like marriage records have always been a matter of public record.

“It (these websites) looks at your address and any public information and some information you might have…

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