Swedish high wheel designer races into first place | Economy & business

Eric Cameron — a city of Frederick resident and two-time high wheel race winner — was dethroned on Saturday by the race’s first international winner.

Per-Olof Kippel, 50, of Sweden won this year’s National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race and lapped some of the competition —even some riders on bikes he designed.

Kippel owns Standard Highwheels in Tomelilla, Sweden, and approximately eight of the bikes competing on Saturday were designed and built by him, he said.

“This is probably the most intense racing we’ve ever had,” said Eric Rhodes, one of the event’s organizers and high wheel enthusiast.

He and his wife Jeanne have organized the one-of-a-kind National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race for the past six years. The high…

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