Student chess champions are two wins away from national glory

The chess team from Westport Public school are just two wins away from being national champions and yet they are still all hard at work trying to hone their skills.

Unbeaten on the Lower North Coast for the last 17 years, the current group of players are the best of the best according to Year 5/6 teacher Craig Ainsworth, who said the domination is due to the mentoring and culture of the chess club.

“Our kids have no fear about losing because we are teaching them about the learning process, our program takes a very targeted approach where older students mentor the younger students, passing on knowledge.

Jack Gough, Doug Toomey and Jarrod McKenzie making sure their game is up to scratch.

“Due to our targeted approach we know that the students who are in our chess teams are doing better in all subjects due to the critical thinking they are learning in chess.

“Our top players are…

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