Preet Bharara explains his embrace of Twitter. He’ll let Trump ‘keep his own wise counsel’ on the same.

Preet Bharara, the high-profile U.S. attorney unceremoniously fired by President Trump, has embraced the commander in chief’s favorite communications platform: Twitter.

Bharara created a personal Twitter account shortly before being ousted in March, but he told Yahoo News last week that the timing was a coincidence.

“I do not have a firing crystal ball,” he said, citing a departmental rules change about personal social media accounts.

Since then, he has accumulated nearly 300,000 followers through a mix of patriotic musings, legal commentary and a heavy dose of caustic wit.

“I think some conduct deserves to be satirized and ridiculed,” Bharara said.

Indeed, he’s mused about being drunk enough to retweet Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera’s commentary after Trump did precisely that.

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