Motorcycle show brings together the weird and cool of Missoula bikers | Local

There’s one way to look at a motorcycle: a small machine with an outsized engine that does nothing to protect its driver in the event of a crash and is hard for other vehicles on the road to see.

Then there’s another way, the way Neil “Morto” Olson sees it:                        

“It’s the feeling you’ve got in the spring when you get on your bike … That feeling of ‘I can go anywhere in the world.’ ”

Olson had four bikes at Montgomery Distillery’s fourth “Spirits & Spokes” motorcycle show, where they clear out the tables and open the basement to display almost 50 rare, collectible and downright cool bikes.

There’s Gina Olson’s (Mort’s wife) hand-painted, 1953 Triumph 500 Trophy, with Missoula…

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