Metallica’s ‘One’ Soundtracks ‘Punisher’ Trailer

Metallica’s ‘One’ Soundtracks ‘Punisher’ Trailer (Week in Review)


Metallica’s ‘One’ Soundtracks ‘Punisher’ Trailer was a Top 10 story on Monday: ( ( A brutal new trailer that has been released for the upcoming Netflix/Marvel collaboration, The Punisher, effectively makes use of Metallica’s 1988 classic song “One.”

The trailer opens with lead character Frank Castle (actor Jon Bernthal) playing acoustic guitar to the opening strains of “One” and reminiscing about his wife when she is brutally murdered as he watches on helplessly during a flashback sequence.

As expected, all hell breaks loose from there, with assault rifle fire cued up to Lars Ulrich’s rapid-fire double-bass drum patterns in the Metallica track, which plays throughout the trailer.

Cars crash, a lot of people get shot, Frank Castle is seen with blood splattered across his face and a lot of…

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