Expert sees ‘promising signs’ of rising English proficiency

Minh Tran, director of research and academic partnerships at EF Education First, believes Thailand is ‘set for a trend of steadily-increasing English proficiency’. (Photo provided)

Thailand has shown promising signs of improvement in overall English literacy, despite being ranked 53rd out of 80 countries in this year’s Education First (EF) index, according to representatives of the Swiss-based language school.

Education First recently released its EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) 2017 which showed Thailand had low a proficiency in English skills in 53rd place.

This year’s report compiled results based on more than 1 million test results from 80 non-native English speaking countries and territories.

Information for Thailand’s ranking was compiled from around 10,000 Thais who took the test last year, according to Minh Tran, senior director for EF’s research and…

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