Downtown Vancouver’s Schofield Building infused with new tenants

A few feet from each other, a pair of new Vancouver businesses are near opening. Storefront windows are papered or tinted with sawdust, while workers hammer away behind the scenes.

It’s a familiar sight in Clark County these days, except for the fact that the building is 80 years older than the one that probably comes to mind.

“People need places to shop, places to eat,” said Rob Aschieris, property manager of the Schofield Building, across from downtown Vancouver’s Smith Tower at Sixth and Washington streets. For 50 years, 10,000 square feet of the building was dominated by a beauty school.

Vancouver School of Beauty, which closed in 2015, “had its day,” Aschieris said. “But the whole downtown has turned another direction.”

The new restaurants opening next month will complete a transformation for the venerable building,…

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