Despite current drama, Atlanta Hawks need to stand with Dwight Howard

If there was an NBA season and it didn’t have drama pertaining to current Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard, would it even be an NBA season? The world may never know, because once again national media has gone out of its way make the future Hall of Famer a headline.

At this point, the continuous negative image surrounding Dwight has gotten out of hand. This persona of Howard being a selfish player has gotten to the point of being blasphemous. Everyone understands the situation with the Orlando Magic was never even close to being handled properly, but that part of his career is now five years in the past.

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The situations with the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets ended with overblown negativity as well. Dwight Howard has been handled so poorly that there has never really been another way for him to react to said situations.

Considering Howard never did…

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