Dairy free diet: People who can’t digest milk may not be lactose intolerant | Health | Life & Style

Dairy free diets have become popular of late thanks to the trend for vegan eating, and because one in five Britons claim they struggle with milk.

Many of these people believe they are lactose intolerant, meaning that they are unable to fully digest a sugar – known as lactase – found in milk.

However, many people aren’t intolerant to lactose but still struggle to digest milk.

Scientists have discovered in a new study why this could be.

Research published today in the Nutrition Journal revealed that the A1 protein, found in cow’s milk, was to blame for triggering symptoms of milk intolerance.

Scientists discovered that by removing the A1 beta casein protein, leaving just the A2 beta casein, sufferers were able to drink milk without gastrointestinal symptoms.

“This is the largest human trial to date examining the differences between the impact of the A1 and A2 protein,” said Dr Anton…

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