Boys save father’s life during trip to woods

Caleb Gibson and his 11-year-old brother Cade never thought their weekend in the woods would end with a serious accident, but it did.

“We were hanging up a camo netting and my dad was cutting zip ties,” Caleb, 14, said. “He was using the box knife and missed one of the zip ties and cut his arm.”

Some of the pictures of the accident are too graphic to show, but it left a serious gash from his wrist to nearly his elbow.

Caleb used a belt to create a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. His dad knew an ambulance would never find them in the woods, so the 14-year-old drove them to a hospital while Cade held the tourniquet for his father.

When they got to the hospital, their dad was given stitches. He is expected to be OK.

“Obviously, you don’t want to go through something like that, but it’s inspiring when you see your boys respond that way,” Todd Gibson…

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