Albuquerque shoppers spend below national average on Christmas gifts

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s no doubt the holidays are expensive, and the National Retailers Federation says the average American adult will spend $970 on presents.

Another study estimates what people will spend in each city, including Albuquerque, and the number is much lower here.

With Black Friday coming next week, people in Albuquerque are starting to make their Christmas lists.

“Mainly my parents, and a few of my friends,” said Tarun John.

“My parents, my older sister, my girlfriend will certainly expect something as well,” said Austin Tyra.

“About 15 people I got to shop for,” said David McKibben.

All those people to shop for, it adds up.

“I don’t know, six or seven hundred. Eight hundred?” said Phil Marquez.

“Two thousand max I guess, if that,” said Mycah James.

According to financial website WalletHub, the average adult in Albuquerque will…

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